Saturday, June 22, 2013

22 June 2013

"Samaria Gorge"

This experience was one of my most favorite of the whole entire trip. It has also been the experience that has taken the longest one to process. While hiking, up ways, down ways,  cross ways, all ways...I was screaming about how  "I would never do this again" and how crazy I was for doing this but by the time I got a little pass the half way point, my perspective began to change. The sights we began to see were beautiful and there were many opportunities for self reflection. I thought about how hard it had been hiking so far and for so many hours and paralleled that to the hardships and challenges that I experience in life.  The moment in which  I reached the end and passed the gate man my exit paper was the best feeling ever. Again I thought to my comparable challenging l ife experience and thought, if I could accomplish this (all though sweaty, smelly, bruised, and cranky) I could conquer the world. Until I realized that it was another 3 km to the beach that we all were greatly anticipating. Reaching that beach however was a feeling that I will never, ever forget. It was like winning the Olympics and I would encourage all to experience it. I will definitely hike the Samaria Gorge again!

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