Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last night, I almost won a goat.  Well, not exactly almost- but it was undoubtedly the closest I've ever come to winning a goat.  Allow me to explain:

On Wednesday night we traveled by car up winding hills overlooking cliffs to attend a neighborhood feast.    Upon our arrival, we were fed traditional Greek cuisine (which didn't hold a candle to what we are fed on a daily basis at the institute).  The events arguably resembled a July 4th barbecue in the United States, but the views were ten times better and there was no Bruce Springsteen or ground beef.  When we sat down to eat dinner, our table overlooked gorgeous mountains that were lit up by the glow of local villages.  Under a pavilion of sorts, the festivities began.

So, you know how in the United States,  people will host a charity event or a fundraiser and upon entry you are offered a raffle ticket?  In Greece, they do the same thing.  Here, however, the prize for the winner (at least for last night's raffle) was a goat.

None of us won, but if I had I would have given the goat to my mom.
What better way to say 'I love you'?

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