Sunday, June 2, 2013

The 2013 EC EMSS Program is Underway!

Following a week of arrivals, we are ready to embark on the second Eastern Mediterranean Security Studies Program on the island of Crete. Fifteen Emmanuel College students will study, live, taste and explore the local and regional significance of Crete and the Eastern Mediterranean, at a time of geopolitical competition, and rising popular demand for democracy and justice in an increasing globalized world. The area, a crossroads of three continents and numerous civilizations over the millennia, is at the center of many of the economic, social and political questions facing contemporary states and societies during the second decade of the 21st century. Through this blog the participants will share their thoughts and observations as issues of geopolitical importance, energy competition, democratic deficit, social unrest, civil society, leadership, international institutions, immigration, and economic justice will be examined in and out of the classroom. As modern Ariadne's we will follow the thread through the labyrinth of the complexity of the Eastern Mediterranean, looking for answers, while avoiding the minotaur. Follow us, as this beautiful island with its hospitable people, will be the vessel for our voyage over the next three weeks.

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