Thursday, June 27, 2013

New friends and new passport stamps

Finally waking up from my anesthesia coma of getting my wisdom teeth pulled the day after I arrived home from the wonderful land of Greece, I am able to pull myself together to write a final blog post. Me and Tamara flew home to the U.S. with flying colors, we even got three seat row to ourselves and as an added bonus passport control put my stamp of entry and departure next to each other on the first page which never happens. We looked through our phones and cameras rewatching all the videos and photos we took, dying of laughter in the Athens airport. When we finally arrived in the U.S. through Philadelphia we were greeted by thunderstorms and delays (could've just started crying right there), we were no longer in the land where it doesn't rain.

Just having uploaded all my pictures to my computer, it gave me a chance to relive all the great days we  all had together. Hiking through the gorge and not falling off the mountain was a major accomplishment for me, getting through the long and slow car rides with the bus crew will always be a funny memory, and learning how to bargain in Chania is now an actual skill. As for the beaches and pool bars... I don't think I will be able to go to another beach ever again and be as happy as I was on the beaches of Greece. Water will never be as clear (or salty), fresh water showers will never be as accessible, and chairs, umbrellas and drink service will never be as perfect.  

I cannot even begin to describe how privileged and grateful I feel to have been given this opportunity to study in Crete. Even though I chose to participate in the program for the sole reason of going to Greece and the Political Science just being the catalyst to my travels, I can honestly say that I now know a little something about geopolitics and statecraft considering I knew absolutely nothing before this being a English Com major. It was a rewarding program and I even have a certificate to prove it. Going into this program I really didn't know anyone personally (besides Tamara seeing that she's my roommate) but going home I can say that I have made new friends that I have made a real connection with and now I will have 15 new people to say hi to on campus.

Lastly, I cannot express my gratitude enough to Mr. Kapsomenos, for being a gracious host and allowing us to rowdy, obnoxious college kids to stay at your institute. The ladies: Eva, Cleo, Tasulla, Elfrenia and Lea (sorry if I spelt any name wrong) thank you for cooking, cleaning and essentially being our Greek moms I love you all and will miss you and will never forget all the things you did for us. Vasalikis even though I didn't take your class you were still a great teacher and always welcoming, and thank you for being a fellow beach bum and driving us to the beach. Theo, thank you for dealing with the bus crew, we were loud, we sang off key, and we complained about your driving but we love you anyways. And finally, Professor Vamvakas and Professor Kulich, thank you for creating this program, it was an eye opening and learning experience and I love every minute of it.

Lea, Me, Eva, Cleo, & Tamara

Bus Crew

'til next time Greece! υγειά μας!

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