Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A week, worth a lifetime

In one week, I think we could all agree a lot has happened.
In one week we have eaten a different Cretan meal every day
We have gone to all the beaches we could have in that time
We have been to the shopping center in Xhania
We have also even gotten away from these normal tourist hotspots
we have gone a few feet outside of Xhania being exposed to the effects of an economic crisis on businesses and people's personal homes
We have hiked a gorge, the longest gorge in Europe
 as a group we hiked as well as it could have gone
Even yesterday in the beginning of week two we went to the NATO base
in one week I and I hope we have had the experience of a lifetime
German Cemetery

Near the End of the Samaria Gorge


Rest Stop

                                                                First refreshing stream

                                                          View From the Olive Press

                                                    View from the Anarchist School

                                                 From Old Fort out to Lighthouse in distance

                                                        German Cemetary

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