Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just submitted my final paper which is bittersweet. On one hand I can sing " schools out for the summer," but on the other it means  this tremendous experience and exposure to a culture I've come to love and feel welcomed in is coming to quick end. I have learned a lot in the past month, I have had many realizations and not only learned in the classroom, but about others, as well as my self. Learning never stops for me as I believe people are a work in progress to their very end.

I am so enriched because of this experience and this is just another stepping stone in the grand scheme, but this stone has been a diamond in which I cant necessarily pick up and bring with me. Like all things in life, everything must come to an end (I guess) and this is one of those things that has really meant a lot to me and perhaps my overall shaping. I am so grateful for the opportunities afforded to me and have no idea how my life continues to work out so well as it often does.

 I thank everyone who made this experience what it was, and those who made it possible above all else. I miss my home, parents and friends, but I will also miss the home I've been immersed into and have made here in such a short span of time. In about 40 hours I will be boarding a plane in Athens and landing in Beirut; I am beyond excited to see my family and enjoy my time in that paradise as I know it. It is in my nature to give credit where credit is due ( or atleast I try), and this has truly been amazing as my nostalgia already tells me. Just like when I left Lebanon last summer not knowing how soon I would return, the future is always uncertain and I guess when we have such appreciation to something or someone, the law of attraction naturally takes course. Goodbyes aren't my thing when love grows for me, and like all other scenarios ill say this to Crete if it can hear me, Ill see you soon.

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