Monday, June 10, 2013

Hiking for Dummies

It's pretty epic to think that my first hiking experience was the Samaria Gorge. It was a bit daunting at first but it ended up being easier than I thought because I expected it to be extremely difficult, granted I may have fallen a couple times and almost flew off the mountain but it was still really fun and a great experience. It was so interesting to watch how the landscape changed throughout the entire 16 kilometer hike. At first it was very woodsy then once we got to the dried out gorge it was almost like a desert. We learned that there was once a village and people living in the gorge and the areas within it and you could definitely tell that there once were inhabitants of the area before it became a prime hiking spot. There were little caves and rock walls we found scattered around until we got to the actual abandoned village. 

My favorite part and probably the hardest part of the hike was walking through the dried out gorge. I loved how you could see where you started and reflect on how you finally made it down to the bottom. The landscape was hard to walk in because it was all rocks and no shade so it was really hot and we all probably got a farmers tan. Luckily we got to go to the beach after the hike in the town that's past the gorge that you either have to hike or take a boat to get to. 

So things I learned from the hike:
1. Backpacks really help to break a fall
2. Don't walk backwards while taking a video, you WILL tabletop yourself on a boulder 
3. Water shoes for the rocky beach really help

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