Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chania ~~~*The City of Dreams*~~~

My First Week here on the beautiful island of Crete was spent primarily in the classroom, however, directly following that would be the vast amount of time I spent in the city of Chania.

For the Average tourist Chania is a city full of inexpensive souvenirs, americanized restaurants and of course a beautiful history. What many may overlook is the last part of my statement, the history. The city itself is full of some of the most beautiful architecture that I have ever seen. This architecture is due to the vast amounts of inhabitants on the island. We also learned that the harbor of Chania is easily one of the strongest points in the Mediterranean, equipped with weapons, a long wall, a lighthouse built by the Egyptians. Although the history is important, lets not forget why most of us came here, to experience Greece.

The Cretan people are by far, the nicest people I have ever encountered in my entire life. The Cretan hospitality is omnipresent and practically tangible. It seems like no matter what happens somebody is trying to make you happy, and if you are unsatisfied, there will be more than additional measures to make sure that you leave happy. The feeling is very different compared to that of the states.

Chania is full of life, despite the economic turmoils that can be seen throughout much of Europe since the EuroZone Crisis.

I have no clue if anybody is as addicted to coffee as I am, but there is a Starbucks also, and Pizza, and Fries and Burgers and Seafood that tastes like Emril Lagasse is cooking it and its clean and it smells nice and its perfect.

....So yeah, I love Chania.

My best advice is not to over do it though, take it slow, explore the island. You are located at the base of where our modern world has started and I can not stress this point enough. Relax, Calm Down, Breath and enjoy where you are. Take a hint from the Greeks, chill out and have fun.

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