Sunday, June 16, 2013


As we stroll through NAMFI, the Nato Missile Firing Installation, admiring the large horrifying bombs, missiles and drones, all I could think about was the beach, featured below... or any beach for that matter. Learning about the test firing of NAMFI, and the interactive videos that were featured, were incredibly interesting. The test field where we learned about the firing of the missiles was equally as interesting. I also thought that the NAMFI base being open to private institutions was interesting, and that they evidence tested is not necessarily shared between member states of NATO...

Dat Beach Doe - So pretty. If you are looking to come here for the beach, its definitely a good reason, you get plenty of time to enjoy the island of Crete, whether you like the beach or the city, its all here.  However, at the end of the day this is a study abroad course, not a travel abroad course. We are all here to learn so I think that the educational excursions are what has ultimately made this trip for me. In a few short hours  I have the opportunity to experience the American base on the Island, where they have American food, I have to stop writing shortly because tears are coming to my eyes as I imagine the taste of Burritos, Chicken Patties, and.... i'm crying, bye. 

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