Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First impressions

       So far, from the very first step off of the plane in Xhania, this trip has been bombarded with dense and constantly new experiences. When hearing about an economic crisis in the news as we are exposed to in the U.S, you expect to see the results right in your face, there, exposed plainly. Here I have seen the exact opposite. The people that may be struggling directly, don't show it, they aren't unhappy but are cheerful and willing to constantly give without receiving anything in return. Businesses that may be struggling don't mind giving out complimentary drinks or other complimentary items off the menu. At first the feeling is, this is wonderful, this reminds of the good old days, the life I lived on my little island in the Caribbean. However, the more history and culture we have learned that this sharing, which is basically engrained in this culture, has negative connotations that does not lead to a solution anytime in the near future for a country that needs solutions. This placement of pride and content nature seems to be the driving force in why a crisis like this can continue. Knowing that they are getting paid to bury oranges in the ground so these oranges don't enter the market. Instead of gaining more money for the betterment of the economy of the island or state there is this sense of contentment with the immediate reward and no thought of the long term effects. For me I see the want to stay the same, to have the life you've lived and your father has lived, and your father's father has lived. I also understand the reaction when there is an expectation of something given when entering the E.U. but at the same time I see the need for change. Maybe there should be a fundamental change in the culture of thinking that only breeds these kinds of expectations and ways. The analysis is made that the change should become apparent if Greece and the people of Greece want to find their way out of this crisis. To survive and grow from this point they need a drive for more. If orange groves are not helping plant watermelon, if something does not work fix, do not wait for someone else to or blame the government. As the saying goes, be the change you want to see in the world.

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