Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The past 5 days here in Greece have been nothing less than surreal. I feel like I have been here for so much longer because everyday and every moment is something new whether it be what we learn in class or from the people that we meet. This is both my first time out of the United States and taking a Political Science class so it has been a very eye-opening experience for me. So far, I have really enjoyed the class and find it really interesting because I unfortunately do not really keep up with current event (even though I should) and it's really cool how we are going to be able to connect what is happening in the eurozone crisis to what we are experiencing in the moment.

It amazes me that the island culture and the mainland culture of Greece are quite different. I spent a day in Athens before coming to Crete and I was definitely able to compare the differences between the two. Obviously Athens is a largely historical city so it's busy and touristy but it is clear that they have been through some trouble recently. Here in Alikianos, it feels very homey and friendly where everyone is saying "γεια σας" (hello) as you walk by, something us Bostonians are not used to. Learning about the history and the culture and being able to see its evolution has been one of the greatest learning experiences I've had (and its been less than a week). Alikianos, and the entire island of Crete have been so amazing and all the people are so generous and caring, it has definitely opened my eyes to a new culture. 

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