Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Must Be The Place.

Three days left until I leave the island of Crete. 

72 hours will break down as follows:

 Approximately nine more family-style meals, a handful of sing-alongs, three classes, two major assignments (an exam and a paper), and one last celebration on Sunday night with a group that has become closer than I ever expected.  

 Did I mention I should be writing my final paper?  Instead I’m at the beach, with a laptop, appreciating a view that I may not see for quite some time.   By the way, did you all know that there something called a view tax?  This means one can be taxed for choosing a house with a view of a beautiful New England landscape (or any landscape for that matter).  I learned that today and thought to myself, what if a blind person bought a house having been completely unaware that it had an excellent view? Ah, I digress.  The next three days are going to be emotional, at least for me.  I have established along with another individual on this trip that I become too sentimental at times.

  Happiness is seen among some of us to return home and eat buffalo chicken, or to see our family and friends. Dread is palpable among others who have made a home here, found close local friends, and fallen in love with this place.   Excitement can be seen in those who will continue to travel, and apprehension in those who are scared to leave as the realistic fear hits them like a brick wall:  When will I return? 

No one really knows- maybe next summer, or maybe never. 
 I personally, am hoping for the former.

Some of us have taken pictures to look back on. Others broke a camera, or lost a phone, and maybe won’t have the opportunity to be quite so nostalgic.  Some of us will be reminded of this beautiful experience by tattoos (sorry, Professor), or by hats that were given to us at the U.S. navy base.  (Souda Bay is the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean and can store four U.S. aircraft carriers at once). Some of us might wake up with a song stuck in our head- one we learned in our Greek class. Some of us may find ourselves in the days ahead, singing Welcome to Greece (a tune that was shown to the group on a hike that some of us barely escaped).  Some of us have already planned to move into the apartment above The Restaurant, and some of us cannot think past next week.   But every single person on this trip is well aware, that all of us will look back on it fondly.

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